Virtual Receptionist & Phone Answering Australia.

Australia based phone answering service, with a personal virtual receptionist Assistant we can guarantee your phone call will be answered.

What is a V.A? O a Phone answering Service. An assistant who works as a mobile receptionist that can take your transferred work calls and direct them to the right person or take a message.Call answering

How does our call answering service work?

It is as simple setting up call forwarding to redirect to us and we can answer your phone calls.

We have the ability to get small businesses up and running from the beginning. Our Receptionist come from a corporate background and have a great deal of experience.

We are confident that we can make a difference and here’s how:

Our telephone answering service, we can take over the calls for your business and act as if we are working with you in the office, take messages or forward the call. Our team on hand we assist with admin tasks, secretarial, event planning, travel bookings and more. We can deliver phone support as of today. All phone calls and voicemails are tracked and recorded, so we can easily keep a close eye on the types of customer inbound calls and provide reports on the number of calls and duration of the call – this will give you an insight of how many calls are received and picked up by us which is operated by one of our virtual receptionists. We act as if we are working for you and this is transparent to your clients.

Missing Business?
Missing business due to voicemail? Are voicemails enough to drive your growing business? As you may be aware, most callers will hang up with present to leave a voicemail. Working with Personal VA, yoVirtual Receptionistu’ll never miss another call.

We provide business owners, busy mums or whoever requires assistance the opportunity to hire one of our local Australian Receptionist to help with their daily tasks and the smooth and continuous running of their day.We have many assistants available with various skill sets to assist and help wherever possible, and as expected provide the highest level of support as if you hired an onsite permanent member of staff. One of the many good points about hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you don’t have the hiring issues and you can use us as when you need us. Using this approach gives you the flexibility to get the expertise required when you need it and save money at the same time.

Using State of the Art Communications technology your Answering Service allows you to activate or change your call answering instructions easily and instantly online. Whether your business is expanding or you’re downsizing and cutting costs this new innovation in phone answering will meet all your call service needs with a human face, giving the impression that you’re always available for your clients. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Pearth, Darwin, Adelaide or Mullumbimby, your virtual secretary will provide the perfect phone answering service.

We have great clients, hear what they have to say:

Melbourne Fashion “We have used AUV for 3 years and we love it!”

Eyebrow Feathering Melbourne “These guys are Great! Never looked backed after using AUV”

Men in Action ” We use the girls for our entertainment biz and its worth every cent”